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Computer operating system collocation manipulator plus automatic slotting machine, only need 60 seconds to complete the task with a facade with nine anti-theft door slot, the production efficiency is 3.2 times than traditional slotting equipment, the entire operation process only needs feeding and two individuals can do with the software operator. Recently, in the interview process, Zhejiang division Benin Seiko technology Co., Ltd. demonstrated the company and the Zhejiang excellent proud Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. the latest cooperative development of automatic production equipment.
It is reported that in the "promote the machine substitutions of the wave, the city's various anti-theft door production enterprises have started the implementation of the machine substitutions technology," humanoid machine "key technology research, made the process equipment optimization strategy to upgrade. As the main distribution area of our city and even the area of Zhejiang city hardware equipment and materials machinery and equipment trading, no annoying "bang bang" sound, just to show to customers of automated production equipment, accurate orderly and elegant operation, not only to every customer to buy a strong visual impact, but also always revealed a strong signal of each industry transformation and upgrading. A mechanical equipment to replace the old revolution is quietly unfolding.
A close to the market to promote transformation
Engaged in machinery and equipment business has more than 20 years time the hardware city businesses households Hu Feixiong recalls, in early 1993, Yongkang industry is still in the initial stage, all kinds of hardware products such as the production enterprises have emerged like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, setting off a new round of upsurge of mechanical equipment factory, demand is to grow with each passing day. Hu Feixiong saw tremendous opportunities from machinery and equipment, raised a sum of money, began operating machinery and equipment, becoming the first batch of people engaged in the operation of machinery and equipment in Yongkang. Because just started, the shortage of funds, he will look at the insulation cup industry, mainly engaged in compressor and other small machinery of second-hand transaction, and Amoy won gold in the long-term accumulated in.
Familiar with the people of Yongkang know that in 90s, Yongkang has experienced several "wave" of the economy, enterprises have been "rushing headlong into a coax and" phenomenon, affecting the industry including insulation Cup, anti-theft door, electric vehicle etc.. In these several wave economy in the process, especially the insulation cup industry long-term ups and downs, let Hu Feixiong against insulation cup industry gradually lost interest in small machinery. In 2001, after the Yongkang burglarproof door "tide of economic" baptism, has gradually stabilized. Hu Feixiong resolutely decided to transition, adjust the direction of operation, to give up the operation of many years of second-hand small machinery, fully committed to the anti-theft door equipment market.
More than ten years, Hu Feixiong agent class equipment also changes along with the market, and gradually to the brand, high-end development, brand, quality is the eternal pursuit of consumer products, product categories are no exception, and the modern pursuit of personalized customization, door enterprises for machinery and equipment requirements are increasingly high, we as the equipment supplier, must also be in the brand, high-end direction, to meet the needs of enterprises." Now, his agent products include bending machine shearing machine, Jiangsu Jianghai machine, CNC slotting machine, Shanghai Hengli, Wuxi Taihu, Shandong dragon forming machine, the Fangyuan group a CNC turret punching CNC series of domestic well-known manufacturers of products, only the Jiangsu Jianghai machine equipment, the cumulative sales of more than 200 million yuan.
Hu Feixiong said, in fact, our ideas are very simple, what companies need, we will operate what customers need is what we want." Hu Feixiong's story is one of many households in the case, closely follow the development trend of Yongkang's manufacturing industry, and market demand, which is the hardware city machinery and equipment trading area for all households can be the key to success. Of course, this is more important is their accurate grasp of the industry and market trends, analysis and judgment.
B service to win reputation
Large machinery and equipment is different from the general merchandise, in terms of logistics and maintenance costs than other commodities much higher. Can be based on the market, almost every mechanical equipment business in the hearts of the answer is very clear, after-sales service is undoubtedly to expand the market and win a magic weapon reputation.
By chance, by a friend, a Kunming just built door enterprises to find Hu Feixiong, buy the industry production equipment, and hired him to the scene to guide manufacturers. Full 3 months, from the venue construction planning, equipment installation and commissioning, to the production process development, technical personnel training, all under the guidance of Hu Feixiong to complete.
In recent years, Hu will be fixed every year for a period of time in the field, providing technical support for the new door enterprises, footprints throughout Henan, Xinjiang, Ningxia, Jiangxi and other major provinces. The production technology of the whole industry output has become a major feature of Shun Sheng company, and become an important part of the company to provide services for enterprises.
In the hardware city machinery and equipment trading area for more than and 10 years, Hu Zhongqiang also attaches great importance to after-sales service, he said: if there is no time in place of service, I can not stand in this line for so many years." He took the initiative to take a number of measures to allow after-sales staff enthusiasm and initiative has been greatly improved, as long as the customer needs, can be rushed to the scene the first time, in time for customers to deal with failures. It can be said that it is by virtue of service-oriented business philosophy, not only won the unanimous praise of our customers, but also to maintain the company and equipment manufacturers brand image, more

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