Hardware Electrical mall rise lead the new direction of the

In November 29th, Southern China city group and Jingdong Group signed a strategic cooperation, the future large-scale integrated B2B platform of Southern China city group, Southern China city network and Jingdong will cloud in combination, the ability of information technology to strengthen the software of Southern China city network itself, to jointly develop hardware industry vertical business platform - hardware electrical mall.
Since the last century since 90s, China's hardware industry has maintained a rapid development momentum, but it is undeniable that China's hardware industry has not yet formed a large-scale market supply, hardware category distributors in small scale, varieties scattered throughout the country is not complete, management failed to form a standardized, cash flow difficulties, not many channels to provide more value-added services, are the main factors restricting the development of the traditional hardware industry market.
With the advance of the Internet economy, the hardware industry gradually transformed into the online. But in the online platform of hardware industry, between the purchaser and manufacturer cannot exist in the information network of Shanghai docking, facing the amount of complicated information, procurement needs scattered, there are hidden costs and fake products online purchase risks, time-consuming and low efficiency problems, make the most of the e-commerce platform can not solve the purchaser the hardware products one-stop procurement needs fundamentally. The hardware industry to the development of online buyers how to select reliable information, how to find accurate suppliers, how to realize the one-stop service of traditional B2B or B2C platform, only the hardware industry market and Internet resource integration, in order to break the restriction of their development barriers.
It is reported that this Jingdong cloud and Southern China city network cooperation, in line with the pain point for the hardware industry, will jointly develop hardware B2B proprietary vertical platform, a recent report, has set off a storm in the hardware industry. The future, hardware electrical mall will be through the three-dimensional entity + network operation, the development of dual track Online + offline + regional industry, vertical and horizontal integration, in order to cover the main domestic China logistics node layout, improve logistics, warehousing, industrial chain, construction of hardware industry "Internet plus" new ecosystem.
At present, the project has entered the stage of development, after the completion of the innovative B2B trading platform will have a unique advantage of Southern China city network and Jingdong cloud. This platform will be innovative applications of cloud computing and big data, in order to focus on the development of high-quality suppliers manufacturers led, the industry market buyers for accurate segmentation. With its own vertical operation advantages of B2B in South China city network, the formation of directional sourcing industry division development, regional hot development, power plant development association, media cooperation, large-scale procurement development strategy. It is understood that the operation platform of the first category will include hardware tools, fasteners / seals, hardware supplies, abrasives and other categories, including the day to absorb the tools, the gem industries, Dongming Sheng Gute hardware, stainless steel, Guangzhou and other well-known brands to join up hardware. The platform will be backed by Jingdong cloud technology, joint quality suppliers and buyers, polymerization formation of the supply chain, open up the industry chain module, B2B common Internet, build innovative B2B ecosystem.

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