The Fifth China International Hardware Electrical Market For

In December 12th, the Fifth China International Hardware & Electrical Market Forum held in Hangzhou as the world's largest manufacturer and exporter of hardware products, hardware and electrical industry is one of the representatives of China's manufacturing industry. And this event, the theme is located in China Hardware Electrical professional market opportunities and challenges in the Internet era, just in the industry is currently facing the most important proposition. The forum focused on the Internet under the background of global competition, challenges and opportunities Chinese hardware Electromechanical industry and the traditional manufacturing power implementation of intelligent manufacturing situation, a sound mechanical and electrical hardware industry to seek change in the traditional heavy.
Huang Di Zhuding, spring forging sword, Han made jade, Tang copper matte. Hardware rich has been a major representative of China's products. Modern, hardware as the mother of the industry, began to face the challenges of the Internet age and industry 4. The Forum gathered in the industry experts, scholars and entrepreneurs, the common advice for the development of the industry of the road, and to contribute to mechanical and electrical hardware industry power China construction has become a manufacturing power.


At present, the depth of integration of industrial 4 and various manufacturing industries, value creation and distribution patterns are changing. The traditional manufacturing industry is changing, they embrace Internet plus era, with the wisdom, power China manufacturing technology. Some people say that the current manufacturing industry China is experiencing a revolution in the reign of terror. Once as a "world factory" we are proud of, but rely on the huge market and cheap labor manufacturing era has quietly gone, new business ideas, production ideas are taking shape. As a part of the manufacturing industry, hardware and electrical industry is also undergoing tremendous changes.
It can be said that the creation of an international competitiveness of the manufacturing sector, China's comprehensive national strength, to protect national security, building the world's only way.
The theme of the past four hundred forum, we are focusing on the hardware and electrical market operations, procurement, construction and other topics. This year, the theme of our choice to keep up with the pace of the times, to discuss how the hardware and electrical industry + + Internet is very practical significance. China's hardware mechanical and electrical industry is a traditional industry. For decades, the development of the industry is very fast, the current industry manufacturing industry above scale enterprises have more than 50 thousand, more than the size of the circulation of more than 300 thousand, more than 170 professional market, the whole industry practitioners to reach more than 3 million people.
Overall, our development has benefited from the country's economic development, but also depends on the wisdom of the industry and hard work. Now it seems that the Internet continues to apply in our industry, will have a huge impact on the original model, channels, modes of operation and other aspects of the settlement. It now appears that how better the + Internet, may be the beginning of a revolution in the industry.

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